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2023 30k 1-Day - 14th May

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The latest narrative driven 30K event at Underworld Gaming!

"Legionnaires join us for the conclusion of the Obscurus campaign with part 3, Malifica.
We’ll be exploring the deepest and darkness sectors of the Obscurus Segmentum.
It is 10.M31.
Arch Traitor, Horus the Ascended leads a brutal series of final assaults upon the Obscurus Segmentum and the surrounding sectors.

A tide of traitors crash against the bulwark of loyalists, although resolute, their defences are overcome as the onslaught pushes on, planet by planet, unified against the Emperor and his false dreams.

Will they succeed? Will the traitors finally claim Obscurus?”

10% off all Wargaming Products on the day, for entrants.

Rulespack to follow on the Facebook event page!