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F&B Bright Lights Pre-release : Sun

Original price €30,00 - Original price €30,00
Original price €30,00
€30,00 - €30,00
Current price €30,00
Bright Lights is the latest set from the ever more popular Flesh and Blood!!!

After a fantastic Nationals held here at Underworld Gaming, we'd like to invite you all back to crack packs and play with the new hotness for the first time >:D 
  • Bright Lights uses only FOUR booster packs per player, making it the best bang-for-your-buck Sealed Deck format yet!
  • Decks have a maximum size of 40 cards (and a minimum of 30).
  • Players will receive an additional two packs each at the end of the event.
  • Mats and promos up for grabs!

    Entry: 30€
    Date: 01/10/23
    Start: Noon