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Magic the Gathering Academy 28/4/24

Original price €15,00 - Original price €15,00
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€15,00 - €15,00
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Have you been curious about Magic the Gathering and how to play?
Join us on 28/4/24 and begin your journey.

Our second Magic the Gathering Academy is all about teaching you the fundamentals of Magic. Including but not limited to,
  • Learning to Play 
  • How to Read a Magic Card
  • The Battlefield
  • Key Card Types
  • Ways to Play
  • Game Actions
  • Attacking and Blocking
  • Parts of the Turn

Our staff will demonstrate with three jump start booster packs, provided to each player on the day, these packs retail for (€21.00 total) but are included in your ticket price! Nicely balanced and perfect for casual games of magic.

So! Grab a ticket and get ready for some spell slinging :D
- Team UG