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Thunder Junction Two-Headed Giant!

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This town is only big enough for one Sheriff and Deputy!
It's Outlaws of Thunder Junction Two-Headed Giant

Six teams of two are going to duke it out for packs and promos.
That's right, this is a limited event.

Each team will receive TWO pre-release kits!
That's 12 Play Boosters and 2 promo packs per pool.

Play, plan, and battle as a team. In Two-Headed Giant, the life total is shared and starts at 30 life. In Two-Headed Giant, each two-player teams shares a starting 30 life and takes their turn simultaneously. The team does not share any other resources other than life. For instance, any reference to "you" on a card still applies to the individual holder.

Effects that read "each opponent" or "each player", however, affect each team member separately. Players can block any creature(s) that are attacking them, their teammates or Planeswalkers their team controls.

  • The team that goes first skips their first draw step.
  • Constructed: Only four copies of any non-basic land card are allowed to be shared between teammates. 60 card deck.
  • Limited: Players share a card pool. Players pool the cards they open and build decks together. 40 card deck.

Seek out your partner and,
grab your ticket!

25/5/24 12PM
- Team Underworld