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A3 Black Cutting Mat

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A model cutting mat, also known as a hobby or craft mat, is a specialised mat designed to provide a protective surface for cutting and crafting activities. It is commonly used in a variety of modelling disciplines, such as scale modelling, miniature painting, papercraft and other crafts. The self-healing property means that it can recover or close small cuts and grooves made by cutting tools, preserving the surface for future use. This feature prolongs the life of the mat and ensures a smooth cutting surface over time.

This set includes a high-density folding cutting mat, which helps you to achieve the perfect cutting angle and length. The type of material used prevents the blades from slipping, which will make cutting easier and reduce the likelihood of injury.

The scale cutting mat contains guidelines for the most common scales.

Unfolded dimensions: 300X450mm
Thickness: 3mm
Color: black
Self Healing High-Density PVC Material
Non-slip mat