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MDF Movement Trays 32mm 5x2 - Skirmish Lines

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MDF movement trays, made using a laser cut with high precision, are perfect for wargames. Thanks to their precise design and versatility they can be arranged in different ways to create other formations, as seen in the pictures, which significantly contributes to player immersion and strategy, making them a valuable component in the world of board and miniatures games.

They are essential accessories in strategy games and wargames that allow players to position and move their pieces or miniatures in an orderly and coherent manner during the game. Their main function is to facilitate the management of displacement of units in the game. Players can place their miniatures in such a way as to maintain a strategic order and follow coherent displacement on the battlefield. This is particularly important in games where accurate placement and displacement of units are essential in determining the outcome of battles and the development of strategy.

Both acrylic paints and textured paints are excellent choices for decorating, as they adhere well to the MDF surface and allow for a wide range of colors and details. As a final finish, we recommend adding some static grass to match the decoration of your miniatures.

They come unassembled for which you must glue two pieces of MDF 3 mm thick, for which we recommend using PVA glue.

With this set, you will be able to create 2 complete Warhammer movement trays in a 5x2 shape for 32mm round bases.