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MEGA Rolling Pin - 30 mm

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Rolling pin crafts are hobby tools used in a variety of crafts and projects, such as smoothing epoxy putties, clays, and other pastes. Its smooth, cylindrical design allows you to evenly spread and smooth these materials on different surfaces. It is particularly useful for modeling thin and even surfaces such as flags, clothes, cloaks, etc... If you are flattening Green Stuff Putty, we recommend you use talcum powder and some water to moisten the putty and the polymer clay roller to achieve amazing thin and smooth surfaces. The talcum powder also allows you to touch the Green Stuff without leaving any fingerprints. 

Green Stuff World's polymer clay roller is made of transparent non-stick PMMA plastic, which makes it resistant to the sticking of the materials being applied. PMMA is known as polymethylmethacrylate, more commonly known as acrylic, and is used in a variety of applications due to its transparency, durability, and non-stick properties. The fact that they are made of non-stick PMMA means that they are suitable for applying fillers, clays, and pastes without sticking, which facilitates the application and smoothing process.

  • Length: 32 cm (12’75 inches)
  • Diameter: 3cm (1,25 inches)